Tuesday, 3 July 2012


The finest minds (tits) available to test particle weapons and
half the male cast of Top Gun

I was worried for a second there. A few dimwitted frequenters of /a/ had worried me for nothing yet again. Muv Luv: Total Eclipse episode 1 was not the horrible debut I had expected it to be after hearing it referred to as being "Hentai quality" among other things.

This episode introduced us to the main character Yui in fairly decent fashion, the fanservice, while regrettable that it should even exist in this is a damn shame, was limited to two or three scenes of girls giggling and bottoms flying about as they usually do to ward off the normals, the CGI wasn't particularly awful and the ending of the episode has everyone well and truly on edge and ready for the next episode (Please... shoot... me.... p- NEXT TIME ON OH GOD FUCK EVERYTHING), aside from those lucky few who got to see 2 following the premiere of the series at Anime Expo. It seems that everyone has forgotten that this is being DIRECTED by the same man who made Rosario Vampire for fucks sake, and on top of that is working with a SMALL budget. It would be a miracle if it looked even half as good as it does.

But as much as there is to say for those who are grossly over-exaggerating the awfulness of this debut, there is actually surprisingly little to say for the episode itself. It's all very bland and sets a nice tone of peace about Japan in 97 through 98, before episode 2 will take us to the BETA occupying Japan complete with scenes of total bloodbaths, and hopefully beyond to the next millennium when the story actually begins. HOWEVER, if there's one thing that the general consensus is absolutely correct about, it's the opening. It is the worst anime opening I've ever heard. I am not even joking, and it pains me to say that I can't find any sign of it on Youtube otherwise it would be up here ASAP for people to give a good laughing and pointing at. It's like some horrendous mixture of bad J-Pop, dubstep and leukaemia. If this weren't Muv Luv I'd be dropping it on the spot. I can't believe they didn't get JAM Project to do another opening. WHY NOT? CHRIST, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

Well... Total Eclipse can only get better anyway. The story about the TSF pilots sent to test prototype TSF modules and weaponry will be under way in no time, and I suppose if it's good then I'll just have to live with the dubstep opening. Bring on the SCIENCE, BETA and TSF PORN. And please sell well enough to fund an adaptation of the original trilogy ;_;

A snippet of what great drama and deep plot progression we
can look forward to in episodes to come

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